YouTube Stars that found Money Making Opportunities using Video

I’m not into making money opportunities with videos but I do know that many people are making lots of money using YouTube. I saw an article from Yahoo Finance title: Meet The YouTube Stars Making $100000 Plus Per Year and there is a list of 10 independent YouTube stars who made over $100000 in the past year. Although it’s just an estimation figure but still it’s good enough to give us an idea of how much money we can earn using YouTube.

Here is the top 10 list
Shane Dawson
The Annoying Orange
Philip DeFranco
Ryan Higa
Shay Carl
Mediocre Films
The Young Turks
Natalie Tran

You may find that most of them are into comedy. So probably this is the best category to go for if you intend to try out money making opportunities at YouTube. Again you need to love what you do and have the ability to make people laugh. You don’t have to get yourself a high quality video cam recorder but instead the cell phone video recorder feature might just be good enough as long as the video is viewable. It’s not the video quality that people are looking for but the unique, special and interesting short videos that are fun and cool to check out. Most of the time people will share the videos via Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon and other popular social community network. That’s mostly how Video clips are spread to the world. It doesn’t really depend on Google Search Engine to bring traffic.

P/S: If you are able to produce video clips that draws a lot of attention without violates the terms and conditions, then you’re one step ahead of grabbing money making opportunities.



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