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writer freelancer money making opportunitiesWriting World has a lot of resources and articles which I think it is very useful for those who are trying to become a writer. As bloggers and freelancers also involved in great deal of writing, I think we all can gain some good information and learning material from Writing World too.

There are lots of useful pages with lots of articles that we can check out at Writing World. These pages are Beginner’s world, Becoming a Better Writer, The Business of Writing, The Writing Life, Freelancer’s World, International writing, General Fiction, Romance, Mystery and many more. I haven’t check out every single page yet but I did found one article that inspires me and gives me motivation to keep on writing. The title of the article is “What Is a Writer?” by Moira Allen. I never did thought of myself as a writer. I did write a lot more than before. In fact I’m writing everyday right now. It’s not just this money making opportunities blog that I’m writing. I’m writing for several other blogs with different variety of topics too. I’m glad that I’m able to continue writing and blogging until today. Initially, I still remember that I took several days to write my first article about 300 words. Now I can write a 500 words article in just an hour. For those of you that just start blogging or writing, perhaps it will be a good idea to check out the article mention above. It helps you to find a reason and motivation to write.

Although Writing World only has articles and some books advertisement, I still find lots of useful basic information within. Some information might be few years old but still it applies even for now. You don’t have to go through all the information as there are so many of them. You just have to bookmark this website and make it a place of reference. You’ll find lots of treasure that benefits you if you take a close look into the website. The question is can you make full use of it.



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  1. Patric says:

    Recently I developed few blogs and I think I need to improve my writing skills. I think this place is a good resource for people that want to learn how to write interesting articles and selling pages.