Why is Google AdSense introducing Ad balance?

According to the latest blog post from Inside AdSense title “Introducing Ad Balance – focus on your best performing ads”, the ad balance allows publisher to reduce the number of ads shown. It’s kind of strange for Google AdSense to introduce such feature. We don’t actually care about the number of ads shown. We only care about the earnings. We already reserve the space for ads in our blog or website. So just make full use of the space and show ads which have the potential to maximize our earnings.

Remember to read the tiny little wording at the end of the blog post. That is the funniest thing I’ve read for a long time. If you can’t find it, read below as I’m going to increase the font size.

*We don’t guarantee any specific results. And, just as a reminder, you’re responsible for the content and layout of your site.

Please don’t introduce another feature which has no guarantee in increasing earnings for publishers. Don’t make us spend our valuable time testing an unpredictable outcome. It’s like trying to win the lottery. Publishers should focus on creating good quality content. I have been repeating this sentence again and again. Hope I don’t get slap by google for repeated content.

The fact is, if Google AdSense continues to ignore their responsibility to help publishers maximize their earning, publishers will just move on and find other advertising companies which will help increase their revenue. Probably because Google AdSense is the biggest advertising company online, they are not afraid of losing some publishers.



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