UX Myths The Truth About Money Making Opportunities

infomation money making opportunitiesHow do you judge if the information you found online is the right one? How do you know it’s the truth that you’re reading? If you’re just like me in pursuit of money making opportunities and ways to make money online, I’m sure you’ll face the above questions each time when you’re surfing online. It’s actually very important to find out if the information gathered trustful or not. Everything that you write and post out affects your reputation and the trust from viewers. That means viewers will judge if this blog is trustful or not and worthy bookmark for future reading. That is why we have the so call Disclosure Policy when taking on task at PayPerPost. Well, that’s another topic which I’ll skip it for now.

I found a website call UX Myths debunking user experience misconceptions. The quotes that state “Build your website based on evidence, not false beliefs!” actually trigger my interest to check it out. I want to write my blog base of facts and evidence but it’s not an easy task. Lots of time and effort is needed to gather facts, figures and evidence. If I were to do that I might not have much time for other important stuff in life. That is why some times I choose to mention it but leave the judging part to viewers. If I’m not sure and don’t have the facts and evidence to back it up, I won’t take a stand on it. At UX Myths you’ll find some common web design misconceptions which are useful in building your blog. I think we can trust this site and make full use of the information provided.

There are three Myths that I found interesting and we should think about it when building our blog. The three Myths are People can tell you what they want, Users make optimal choices and More choices and features result in higher satisfaction. I think Google Adsense should also consider the three Myths above. Well, at least I’m right about one thing. That is to make and create simple features. For the other two Myths, I’m still thinking about it a lot as that’s the key to make money online. Once I’ve study and understand the actually situation about what people want and their choices, my next step will be finding a way to provide it.

P/S: I think regardless if it’s misconceptions or not, most blogger figure it out the old fashion and hard way. That is to try it out and experience it.



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2 Responses to “UX Myths The Truth About Money Making Opportunities”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I think the main problem is that most of the good sources and forums became marketplaces instead of being support and informational portals. Everybody is trying to sell you something online. Making money online is not difficult and it is not easy, because require consistency and good ideas which need to be executed on time.

  2. Kumo says:

    That is why forums are difficult to maintain. Especially when forums get thousand of spammers signing up just to promote products each day, it’s a lot of cleaning work. But still if you get that many spammers, you’ll make enough money to hire people to do the cleaning work.