Turn Your Smartphone into a workstation instead of a game device

IPhone 6 was launched recently. Are you one of those fans who waited in the long queue for days just for a bite of fresh new Apple? Once you get your hands on one of those smartphone, what do you actually do with it? It is an expensive high tech device with lots of convenient and handy features. Either it is an Apple or Three Stars, you can get a brand new laptop with the same price. So now the big question is are you using smartphone as your workstation or just a game device? If you are an entrepreneur, you might want to make full use of your smartphone to increase productivity. Check out infographic below for some great apps which can be very helpful in your work.

Remember that smartphone is basically a smaller version of laptop. Instead of using it just for calls and entertainment, make full use of it be turning it into your mini workstation or a personal digital secretary.

P/S: The infographic is from Entrepreneur.

smartphone apps to increase productivity for entrepreneur

smartphone apps to increase productivity for entrepreneur



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