The possibility to become billionaire is there even if you are poor

Check out the infographic from FundersandFounders. It seems like everybody has a chance to become billionaires. Billionaires like Larry Ellison, Li Ka-Shing, Leonardo de Vecchio, Amancio Ortega, John Fredriksen, Sheldon Adelson, Invgar Kampard and Francois Pinault are self-made billionaires with some similarity. They are not from wealthy family and they took enormous risks in order to become success. No risk, no gain. So are you willing to take risk in order to become billionaire or rich? Of cause there is no guarantee of success. Many have tried and only a few is able to enjoy success. Is it worth it? Well, I suppose it depends on what you really want in your life. Satisfactory and regrets might just be the things we consider when making decision.

from poor to rich billionaire



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