The Money Prize Contest from Blog Engage

The Blog Engage is having another contest with thousands of dollars to be won. There are several contests thought out the year which members can participate to win 100 cash prize and up to 1000 cash prize. The first contest that members can participate is the 500USD Best of the Guest Blogger Contest. First prize is 250 USD, second prize is 150USD and third prize is 100USD. The contest starts 4th Feb 2011 and ends at 31st March 3011. In order to qualify for the contest, you need to write a post about the contest and follow the guidelines given. This is just the beginning of a contest which leads to 1000USD best guest blogger of 2011 contest.

The main purpose of having a contest is to gather as much traffic as possible and lots of link juice. In order to carry out a successful contest, we need to consider two important factors. First is the weight of the prizes. It needs to be attractive and heavy enough to create an impact from the viewers. The prizes need to be attractive enough to make viewers participate in the contest. Second is the initial force to kick off the contest so that it can catch up enough momentum to move on without slowing down. That means you need to promote and spread the words to cover as many viewers as possible. This requires a plan which covers the entire online channel including Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, emails, forums, bloggers and advertising platform.

So is Blog Engage doing a good job in planning and preparing the contest? Well, I’ll let you decide on that.



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