The Money Making Opportunities Story of Braintree From Bryan Johnson

“I concluded that I’d rather live poor and hungry than work in a large, bureaucratic and political environment where I personally couldn’t see how my efforts created value.” This is the most inspiring sentence I have read form Bryan Johnson’s blog post title “Bootstrapped, Profitable, & Proud: Braintree” Successful business story from an entrepreneurs are always impressive and inspiring to read. The business doesn’t have to be big or brings a large amount of revenue to be considered as successful. As long as the achievement is satisfied and fulfill the needs of an individual, I suppose that’s good enough to declare as successful. In some cases, making a lot of money is not the goal of an entrepreneur. Some of them, like me is actually pursuing the lifestyle. It is very amaze as Bryan is able to run his business small and holding it together nicely as it grows bit by bit. It is not just money making opportunities business he created, but also a company with unique working culture. Although there are difficulties, problems and constraints, but Bryan is able to handle them with his own ways. It’s just basically solving each and every problem one by one. The feeling of solving those problems successfully and seeing positive results is way much valuable than any amount of money receive.

P/S: I hope the article by Bryan Johnson can give you an idea or inspiration of how a small business can be built.



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