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writing money making opportunitiesAt some point we need to upgrade our writing skills in order to become a better blogger. Two of the most important things that bloggers always work on are traffic and content. In order to get more traffic bloggers have to work on SEO or search engine optimization. As for writing good quality content bloggers have to do research on information. Once information is gathered bloggers have to compose and write it out. That’s when writing skills are put on to work. A good writing skill not just enables a person to produce a post in short time but also make it easy and comfortable to read by all. Bloggers can save a lot of time with a good writing skill too. It is true that bloggers don’t have to be very good in writing to be success. But still if you have a good writing skill it will be benefits to your blogging. In this competitive cyber online world, having a good writing skill is an advantage.

Here’s a website that consist of information about writing. At Lupinworks you’ll find lots of resources for technical and business writing. You will also find some basic skills about writing too. Although the size of the font is a bit small but most of the pages are written in point forms. It should be easy to go thought it. One thing I like about Lupinworks is that all the information is straight to the point. There is no long story and unnecessary explanation. It’s actually a very good reference for those that intended to improve their writing skills. Basically there are 6 main pages that you can make full use of it and they are writing Paradigms, myths of writing, writing process, business writing, technical writing and writing conventions. There are lots of sub pages within so don’t try to finish it off one shot. Instead it will be best to bookmark the site and check back frequently. There are lots of writing info and material that you can learn and it’s going to take some time to actually digest completely. So take your time and don’t rush. As long as you keep on learning and consistently improving your writing skill, that’s good enough.

By the way this website is by Dr. Judith M. Newman, a teacher of writing. One particular sentence which I’m totally agreed in this website is as below:

“I find the greatest obstacle many people have with writing is trying to make it “right” the first time—their focus on correctness makes writing much more difficult than it needs to be.”

P/S: I remember a move call Finding Forrester where William Forrester (Sean Connery) says “Write your first draft with your heart, not with your head.”



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  1. I love the video so much, it reminds of my grandfather.

  2. Jake says:

    Lupinworks seems to be a good resource for writer, bloggers and SEOs. I just took a quikc loot and I saw that there is a lot of information and a lot of topics are covered in depth.