Pursuing Money Making Opportunities Online as a Hobby or a Full Time Job?

I once was told that when we make a hobby into a job, than it’s no longer a hobby any more. I never actually agree on the statement until personally making one of my hobbies into a job. When it’s a hobby, you can choose to do it whenever you want, however you like, whatever you decide because there is no restriction. It’s an activity that we do to feel good, happy, relax and for fun. When it’s a job, it’s considering a way of living. Thus you need to make sure that you make enough money to survive. Under such circumstances, there is no privilege of freedom to do things as we like.

I have been blogging about money making opportunities online for some time and I’ve always treated it as a full time job. It is true that it does feel differently compare to the time when I just started to blog. It is fun, exciting and without any responsibility and pressure. Now that I’m making it full times job the feeling of blogging changes. Although the annoying feeling of responsibility, pressure, commitment and survival added on my shoulder, I don’t actually hate it. But it definitely feels better than working as an employee in a big company.

One thing that people will notice when a blog switches from hobby mode to full time job mode is the style of writing or blogging. Different style of writing will attracts different kind of people. Obviously it’s better to attract viewers who are seriously into money making opportunities rather than those who only treat blogging as a hobby.

But still at the end, it’s all about having to do the things you like and choose the lifestyle you want. No doubt you’ll have more choices and able to make own decision when pursuing money making opportunities online. Check out the blog post title “Creating Without Ulterior Movies” from Skelliewag as it describes the feelings of blogging before and after. I suppose many people experience the same feelings as well.



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