One of the Examples of Google Adsense Case Study

One of the benefits of participating in Google Adsense activities is having the opportunity to feature in their case studies. In other words, your blog or website will be introduced at Google blogs. Even if there is no backlink but only the URL address is stated, it’s good enough to draw lots of traffic. Check out the blog post title “Targeted link units bring in 25% of MyPlayCity’s online revenue” from Google Inside Adsense Blog as it shows the interview with Ksenia Kazak, MyPlayCity’s director of marketing and PR.

Honestly, the interview is plain simple. The only message that I get from the blog post is that targeted links units bring in 25% online revenue to the website. There are some additional link units tips at the end of the blog post but still that’s just simple technics which most publishers already known. I suppose MyPlayCity has been experiencing a spike of traffic after this blog post is out. If the site makes another analysis on the Google Adsense revenue, they might get 40% increase of the online revenue instead of just 25%.

P/S: I just hope that my blog get feature at Google Blogs too.



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