Money Making Opportunities Tips and Guides from Blog Tyrant

blog about money making opportunitiesI’m always looking for money making opportunities online. Sometimes I spend almost one whole day surfing online gathering useful information that helps in pursuit of money making opportunities. Once in a while I’ll stumble upon a good blog which provides tips and guides on making money online. In this post I like to introduce a blog call Blog Tyrant which I found very informatics in providing tips and guides about blogging and how to make money using your blog.

Honestly I really admire the way Blog Tyrant presented the posts. It’s clean and attractive. Although the posts are long but the points are well explain and elaborate. It’s very comfortable reading it and it’s easy to understand. Viewers can have an enjoyable relaxing reading instead of trying to study it like a text book. This is the writing style that I like to practice. Just check out couple of the blog post at Blog Tyrant and I think you’ll like it too. Especially for blog posts title “How I Got Over 11,908 Visitors in my Blog’s Third Week” and “How I Sold a Blog for $20,000 in 8 Months” are the most interesting. Even though both post title is not something new but the details elaboration and explanation wins it all. The downside is that you have to be patient to read as it’s the blog posts are long. Still it’s worth reading it. The categories of the blog are adsense, blogging, branding, domain names, making money, online marketing, SEO, social media, traffic, tools and plugins. These are all the topics that most of us interested, that is if you’re into blogging and money making opportunities.

There is also a FREE ebook title “Capture 120% More Email Subscribers Overnight” which you can get by just subscribed by email. The FREE ebook is just 13 pages. It’s good to check it out especially if you’re into email marketing. There are lots of benefits you can gain form Blog Tyrant. The information provided from the blog posts are as good as the FREE ebook.



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  1. John says:

    Email marketing is very important part of my internet strategy. Technically with monthly newsletter I increase my sales with about 40%.