Money Making Opportunities and Blogging Myths

If you’re trying to pursuit money making opportunities online by blogging, you need to check out the post “10 Blogging Myths You Must Ignore” from Problogger. There are so many guides and tips which claim to be able to build a successful blog online. The question is how true those guides and tips posted online are. Most of the new bloggers find out the hard way by experimenting themselves. Before you start creating your blog using the guides and tips, it will be better to go through the post above. Remember there is no absolute way to build a successful blog. There are lots of successful entrepreneurs who build their blogs using different ways. So as long as you’re able to find a way that works and suits you, you’re on the right track.

The 10 Blogging Myths discuss in the post are:

Myth No. 1 Content is king

Myth No. 2 Marketing is king

Myth No. 3 SEO is bowing to social media, so neglect SEO and focus on social media

Myth No. 4 Social media is useless

Myth No. 5 More traffic = more money

Myth No. 6 Not responding to comments means you don’t respect your readers

Myth No. 7 Longer posts bring more traffic

Myth No. 8 Selling ads space is the best way to monetize a blog

Myth No. 9 The best way to get traffic is by implementing as many tactics as you can

Myth No. 10 The key to blogging success is getting backlinks from an A-list blogger

Honestly I think if you just concentrate on one particular method to build your blog, it’s most likely you’ll hit the bump. The best way is to find a method that you’re interested and good at. Besides just focusing on that one method, combine and take turn on trying other methods. Monitor the progress as you are testing out the methods. You don’t have to make every method work. You just need to use those methods which you’re receiving positive results.



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One Response to “Money Making Opportunities and Blogging Myths”

  1. Eric says:

    I can say that most of the topics discussed in forums are misleading. The best way is to read Google webmaster central and stick to computer for at least 6 months.