Learning php Through Video Tutorials


php video tutorial

Phpvideotutorials.com has 13 free lessons regarding php programming that you might be interested. If you hate reading from a programming book that looks like a phone book, then this site might help you. You can go through all 13 video tutorials online that takes up a total of 356 minutes. That’s about 6 hours of learning time. The speaker might not sound professional but at least it’s free. As long as you’re able to learn some php programming from it, then it’s considered good enough. No point if you paid few thousand dollars for a course that you couldn’t understand. Learn a bit by yourself before going for paid classes will help you understand better.

                There are lots of similar free video tutorials online. One place that you can search for free video tutorial is YouTube. There are thousands of them available if you search for the key words “learn programming”. These free courses are mostly suitable for beginners. If you’re seriously in for studying programming, it would be better to look for a teacher.



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7 Responses to “Learning php Through Video Tutorials”

  1. ~Kat~ says:

    Thanks! This is just what I have been looking for. I am finally giving into the fact that if I want my forum and blogs to have the look I want I need to learn PHP, either that or pay a lot of money to get people to do it for me!
    Thanks again.

  2. General Marketing Blog says:

    Great php is something i keep meaning to look into a lot more and reading books can at times put me off but being able to watch video tutorials is a great idea.

  3. Kumo says:

    It feels a lot more easy and relax when learning php programming through video tutorial. I learned a lot of other stuff through video tutorial. The effects are better then having to learn it from a book.

  4. ChiQ Montes says:

    the only time i followed a video tutorial was when i wanted to learn html.. lol. such a long time ago..

  5. Kumo says:

    Sometimes switching to a video lesson can help releases the frustration when reading.

  6. There is nothing better than a real time example like video learning but I shall love to spend money on it to seek some professional knowledge. For free learning, I shall prefer Youtube lessons on any other site.

  7. Kumo says:

    Youtube sure is a good site to look for free lessons. Just that you might need to dig deep to actually get some good lessons.