Jobs Opportunities at One Laptop Per Child

Once in a while we need to look at things other than money making opportunities. Last year is a busy year for me as I spend most of my time blogging and writing posts. This year I hope that I’ll make enough money to do something different. Life will be boring if I just focus on money making opportunities online every day. While I was surfing around looking at webpages randomly, I found this webpage call OLPC – One Laptop per Child. The goal of the website is simple, that is to create educational opportunities for the world’s poorest children by providing each child with a laptop.

The concept of this website is interesting. Basically this is a charity work which people around the world can provide help in different ways to make a better world. There are several ways you can participate in this charity work. The easiest way is to donate by credit cards or PayPal. Or you can choose to just give a laptop directly with a price of $199. If you have an old end of life vehicle, you can donate the car as well. Another way is to participate with activities organize by OLPC. You can become an OLPCorps Volunteer, intern for OLPC, connect with local volunteers, helping up with translation, develop software, organize local events and provide support in any way you can.

I consider this as a long term money making opportunities. Well, each and every one of the children who are given a laptop may turn out to be an online customer or one single visitor. In other words, they are potential future traffic or perhaps online spenders. We are simply giving back part of what we earn online to create more traffic in future. I suppose we can call this online entrepreneur way of giving back to society. It’s a way which we can think as exploring new potential future traffic and market but at the same time doing charity.

There are some jobs opportunities at OLPC which includes part time and full time jobs. Some of the jobs position can be done remotely. It is suitable for those who like to make beaches as their work place. Check out the job opportunities section if you’re interested.

P/S: You’ll receive a card honoring the donation when you purchase a $199 laptop to a child. You may even choose to donate in someone’s name. I think this can be made as a special gift or present.



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2 Responses to “Jobs Opportunities at One Laptop Per Child”

  1. Joe says:

    I agree with you and this is a good point. Children are the future and if we help one day they may improve the world.

  2. Kate says:

    I already participate in this program, but I wish this laptops will be replaced with something new and useful. The hardware is old and the price is pretty high. I mean that one Android based tablet can be cheaper and more useful.