Is it necessary to have 100 search engines for different tasks?

Google, Yahoo and Bing are top 3 search engines that we are familiar with. When you are trying to search for something online, do you make use of all 3 search engines? Or Google is the only search engine that you use. Personally Google is the only search engine that I use because I can basically find what I needed. And it’s kind of troublesome to make use of 3 search engine. I like to keep things simple by using one. If Google search engine is able to provide all the answers that I’m looking for, why should I use other search engines? Perhaps I just do not know how other search engine works. Perhaps the search results are better? Well, we won’t know unless we try. Check out the blog post title “100 Search Engines Every Business Student Should Bookmark” from Accredited Online Colleges.

If you are an entrepreneur or wanted to keep an update on things happened in business world, you should take a look at the list of 100 search engines. Firsthand accurate information can turn into profits if you are able to make use of it correctly and wisely. Most people around the world rely on Google Search Engine for information. But if there is any information which you can find which does not appear at Google, you will make money. There is a possibility but unlikely. Do not underestimate the top search engine in the world. You still have to do your homework in order to discover any money making opportunities possible.



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