iPhone Apps which Brings in Money Making Opportunities

Ever since the launched of iTunes App Stores back in 2008, we have witness lots of iPhone apps trying to score the highest points in money making opportunities. If you take a look at the list of iPhone apps which makes a lot of money, you’ll find that most of them are gaming apps. Check out the blog post title “These iPhone apps made their developers rich” from Yahoo Games and you’ll find an interesting point which somehow related to my previous post “An Inspiration to Turn an Offline Money Making Opportunities Online”.

It seems like almost anybody can create a hit iPhone app with the ability to draw lots of money making opportunities. Either you’re an independent developer, an engineer, an actor, a small company or a household mother; everybody has the same chances of striking gold in developing iPhone apps. Check out the free app call Yowza that distributes mobile coupons created by actor Greg Grunberg. The coupons idea on iPhone app is exactly the idea which I explain in my previous post. I suppose we can apply the same idea in different languages and countries which targeted local market.

P/S: There are still lots of money making opportunities circulate around internet, smart phone and other high tech gadgets. Chances are equally distributed to everybody as long as you can come out with a great idea and implement it. So what’s holding you back from pursuing this money making opportunities?



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