Guide to Make More Money and Pursuit of Money Making Opportunities

I stumble upon a blog title “I will teach you to be rich” by Ramit Sethi. There is an interesting blog page title “Earning More Money” with a 10 step guide to earning more money which I think worth check it out. Ramit Sethi is the New York Times bestselling author of “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” and the co-founder of PBwiki. The 10 step guide to earning more money is design to help overcome psychological barriers and starts making more money. You’ll find info graphic, audio interviews, case studies, techniques, tactics and lots of materials on how to make more money. Although there’s a lot of reading, watching and listening to do but the information provided are definitely worth the time and effort. The 10 step guide to earning more money is:

  1. Earn more money in 2010
  2. Attention whiny complainers: Why you STILL aren’t saving money
  3. The 3 easiest ways of making extra money (infographic)
  4. Case study: How a venture capitalist started earning more money on the side (audio)
  5. “But starting a freelance business is too risky!” and other reasons people don’t make more money
  6. Earning more money: How to turn your skills into services that people will pay for
  7. But I don’t want to take a SECOND full-time job to make a second income
  8. Want to earn more money? How to find your first 3 paying clients
  9. Case study: From $17/hour to $65/hour. How did she do it? (audio)
  10. The Freelance Diaries: The laid-off marketing consultant whose income has skyrocketed

P/S: I like the concept of trying to make more money instead of saving for more money. Hopefully this blog post can help you discover money making opportunities and make extra money to spend it on the things you love. Making extra $100 is definitely better than saving $100 per month.




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2 Responses to “Guide to Make More Money and Pursuit of Money Making Opportunities”

  1. Ross says:

    Setting up goal and following the plan is one of the best things that can help to make more money than previous year. Trying to save money have never really work for me.

  2. John says:

    I think thats about to be right, no need to try to save, but to make more money. I am sure that everybody can spend about an hour a day blogging on favorite topic and make money through internet marketing and Adsense.