Google Adsense Retiring Public Service Ads

PSAs or public service ads are unpaid ads that appears on publishers blog or websites when Google Adsense unable to serve a paid ad. Publishers have the option to choose to serve PSAs or just show a solid color. Either way that’s just a sign of not making money to me. According to the latest blog post title “Upcoming changes in backup ad options”, Google Adsense has begun retiring public service ads or PSAs form Adsense sites. In other words, publishers will get either a blank space or a solid color depending on previous option selected.

The question that I like to ask is how will these changes affect publishers? Honestly, as a publisher I’m only interested if the changes can increase my Google Adsense earning. As for now it seems like the space will be wasted if there is no suitable ads shown. It will be great if publishers have the option to place their own images and links when no Google Adsense ads are shown. This idea has been applied by several online advertising companies. It will be great if Google Adsense can implement too.



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One Response to “Google Adsense Retiring Public Service Ads”

  1. Audrie says:

    Honestly me too, when I put the ads I expect to get some money for this and PSA definitely are not doing any good for me.