Do you know that your online activities are being monitor?

Do you know that every single online activity is being monitor? One of the best examples is whenever you get online, the ip address of the computer that you are using reveals your location. That is about the same method on how Facebook able to pin point your location whenever you make a post. The cookies and cache within your computer are recorded to study your online behavior and activities so that suitable advertisement can be serve. Do you even wonder how Google Analysis collects their data? Well, it’s probably because your computer sends it to them. And that includes every computer that goes online.

When you are trying to pursuit money making opportunities online or start a business online, one of the things you tend to practice is to study the hobby, interest and behavior of customers online. This is to have a better understanding of your customers so that you know the best suitable product or service to sell. From the customers’ point of view, it might be consider as online spying. It might not sound so serious but some people are just not comfortable letting other know their online location and browsing habits.

torCheck out Tor if you like to protect your online activity from surveillance. This is a free software that can protect your online activity from traffic analysis and other form of network surveillance. So far this is the best privacy tool that I’ve encounter. But remember that nothing is absolute even if they claim that it is 100% full prove. If you really don’t want others to know what you are doing online, just don’t do it. Or if you don’t want others to get their hands on your personal details, don’t post it online.



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