Detail Guide on How to Start a Business

I’ve been introducing lots of money making opportunities online and methods for creating and generating an income online especially using blog. But still everything discussed and posted in this blog is just a small part of small business entrepreneurship. As I’m still learning to become an entrepreneur myself, I’m considering an amateur in this field. So whenever I learn or found interesting and useful information, I’ll share it in this blog.

Lately I found a blog post title “How to Start a Business” from Start-up Guide. The blog post is actually a collection of post related with methods to start a business. It is well categorize and link to smaller detail subjects. You might need to spend some time checking through the information. Although it might seems a bit complicated and confuse, but it’s definitely worth all the trouble. The guide includes writing business plan, Market research, start up financing, investors, right form of business, hiring employee, patents, setting office, pricing, franchising and many more. The guide is suitable for those who want to start a small business especially an offline normal traditional business. But still the guide has gather all the basic concept and tips which even online business can apply. You’ll learn a lot of business concept and strategy which might be applicable in online business.



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2 Responses to “Detail Guide on How to Start a Business”

  1. George says:

    I think the easiest way is to start online business and offer services, finding customers and freelancer websites in the beginning. Currently I am doing this and I feel very comfortable.

  2. Katie says:

    I have read the blog post and collected information, there are a lot of ways to start own business, but there are some that are really following the right way, by my oppinion