CSS Tricks to Improve your Blog for Money Making Opportunities

blog or website design tips and guidesCSS Tricks is a great website for web designer, blog designer and those who likes to work on CSS to improve their blog. The site is categorized into articles, forums, videos and downloads pages. You’ll find lots of interesting tricks on CSS that you can try out on your blog. Even if you’re a beginner at web or blog design, you can follow the instructions easily by watching the video guides.

The Video Screencasts page is my favorite part in this site.  There are currently about 100 tutorial videos on web design available. If I would have gone through all the videos, I suppose I can start selling my service as a website designer. As I’m still sticking on my blogging work, I decided to choose videos that I can learn to make my blog interesting and better. Especially if you’re using WordPress for your blog, you’ll find lots of interesting videos that are helpful in maximizing profits with your blog.

There is lots of stuff that you can download for FREE and try out. At the Downloads page you’ll find JavaScript, Layout, Templates, CSS and PHP stuff. You can check out the demos before downloading them. Some of the download stuffs are pretty interesting. Some of the download stuffs can be very useful if you’re building a particular niche. If you happened to try out the stuff and encounter some problems, sign up the forum and ask for help. The forum seems like a good place to get help in troubleshooting the download stuff or blog design.

Chris Coyier is the author of CSS Tricks. I think he has created an interesting and informatics site which can help make our blog better. If you’re new to everything in CSS Tricks, start with the videos. You’ll learn a lot especially you’re just started to use WordPress for your blog.



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  1. Design Chester says:

    I love CSS Tricks. The guy is about 5 steps ahead of the other blogs I read. I also read abduzeedo.com, psdtuts nettuts etc and smashing magazine.