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Once in a while you’ll come to a point which you’ll feel that you’re running out of ideas or things to write. Sometimes you just don’t feel like writing at all. Well, I think that’s completely normal. Even top writers can have a bad day in writing or producing content. When you feel that you’re having that similar bad day discussed above, perhaps it will be best to do something different. A change in action, environment or feelings can trigger creativity and inspiration. Sometimes you can write something different other than money making opportunities related content. For me, I like to write about my thoughts and opinion. It gives me a sense of belonging.

If you’re trying to write a story, perhaps the Plot Scenario Generator can help you. Generally the generator provides an event which makes it easier for writers to get starting. There is lots of scenario which places the protagonist in a mess or situation where writers need to think of a way to explain and develop the plot. I find it interesting as there are lots of ideas or scenario which you never think of.

Besides the simple Plot Scenario Generator, you can check out other links like writing better story, tips and tricks on defeating writer’s block, using real psychology in your writing and many more. Lots of this information is very useful for a writer. Well, at least I think it helps to motivate and provides inspiration.



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