Build a search engine just like Bizshark

If you are planning to create a search engine site but have no idea what to focus on, check out Bizshark. The key in creating a search engine site that people will be using is to find out what are the things that people are searching and looking for day and night. The main purpose of creating a search engine is to help people find what they are looking for easily, faster and correctly. Bizshark is an example of a useful search engine that enables users to find business contact lists. Users can search by entering company, name, phone number and email. The search result will be lists of contact and company profiles. Although you might still able to find what you are looking for using Google, Yahoo or Bing, it won’t be as precise and specific as Bizshark. Plus you might need to spend a lot of time and energy filtering all the unwanted information as the search results provided by Google, Yahoo and Bing might be too general. You can also check out the other blog post title “Building a search engine still generates money making opportunities“ which feature another search engine from India name Practo. The focus of this search engine is to help locals find the most suitable doctors around the area.

Google might be the giant search engine that dominates the world, but still there are plenty of rooms for everybody to create their own search engine successfully. Don’t think big, think small but focus on details. Do a good job in helping people find what they want and you will be on the right track to success. Remember the search engine Practo mention above. It started off by two college kids only. So do you think you stand a chance too?



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