Basic steps for making money online with a website

Guest Post by Anil Gupta.

There are millions of visitors searching internet everyday to find a money making opportunities as a full time or part time earning source. If you are here to know more about ways to make money on internet with a website, keep on reading. In this small guide, I’m going to introduce some basic steps that you will need to follow as a way to make money online with your website:

1. Choose a niche for your website – first of all you have to decide the niche for your website that you will be creating in the coming days. I would suggest you to choose a niche you are knowledgably and passionate about. You should go for a niche where there is potential for money making. But don’t go for highly competitive keywords. So first of all you should choose keywords you are interested in, profitable and have less competition.

2. Create website – After selecting the niche for your website, start creating your website and don’t forget to follow the usability guidelines and should aim at creating a search engine friendly website. You should choose a template in which there are two sidebars so that you have enough space to your advertisements and programs.

3. Start writing content – Once you are finished with your website creation part, now start writing articles around your website niche and the keywords you want to target in your website. Once you are finished writing 15-20 articles around your website niche, start uploading them on your website.

4. Drive traffic to your website – Once you have uploading good amount of targeted content on your website, its time to looks for ways to build traffic and links for your website. Traffic building is a big topic in itself. There are hundreds of ways you can use to drive traffic and to build links for your website. I himself have compiled a list of 26 ways to build traffic to your website. So don’t forget to check these methods for all major traffic building tips that one can follow to bring traffic to their website.

5. Website monetization – Once you are able to bring some good amount of traffic on your website from search engines on regular basis, look for ways to make money from it. Some of money making programs you can try to make money with your website are Google Adsense Ads, affiliate product selling, paid reviews, text link selling, sell your services etc.

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  1. Nurul says:

    A very interesting intro about yourself.A dentist myself like you,thinking that life is still a lot to learn and short to live in.Created a blog that is focusing on fashion and styles.But interested to know more about money making online.

  2. These tips are absolutely true. Many of us want to earn extra cash considering the crisis today. If you really want to make money online, blogging is the way to go. It is easy and you don’t have to spend anything.

  3. I enjoyed reading your post. great information. we can absolutely learn from this… Thanks for the tips, they are very handy

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    I think one among the most important factor that is missing in this guide is the importance of good quality keywords for your website. Somehow, keywords are very vital since they also determine the number of competitors and your possible earnings.

  5. Kumo says:

    Life is a never ending learning process, regardless who you are.

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  7. rony dony says:

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  8. Frank says:

    This is true to making money online, I have read from other websites that this seems to be the key way to earn money online. Follow the instructions, and you will make money online!