An Inspiration to Turn an Offline Money Making Opportunities Online

After blogging for few years about money making opportunities online, I started to pick up a habit of trying to turn any offline business or money making ideas online. Sometimes I just can’t stop thinking about the question “How can I bring this business or marketing strategy into cyber world?” Most of the time when I got an inspiration or an idea, it turns out somebody already doing it. Instead of feeling disappointed as somebody already ahead of me, I actually feel excited because the idea or inspiration works and proven. As I constantly thinking about turning offline money making opportunities or business into online, it’s just a matter of time when I get my chance to be the first. Besides I don’t have to be the first person to implement the idea in order to make money online. I just need to have the idea and know how to implement it. The rest is up to my creativity to make use of the ideas to make money online.

Lately I stumble upon a blog post title “Make Money This Week Working With Offline Business Owners” by Joshua Hayes which I found informative. There is an idea of making money offline with business owners which I found interesting in the blog post. The offline money making idea is as below:

Find a Business A which needs more customers. Help business A to get more customers by promoting it to customers of Business B which is not a competitor. The key is to find customers which has interest for both Business A and B. One method introduced in the blog post above is by using discount coupon. You can help Business A to create coupons which give certain discounts and bring it to customers at Business B. Business B will be willing to distribute the coupon as long as it is a value added gift for customers.

Please refer the above blog post for detail explanation of the money making idea. As this idea benefits both Business A and B, you can easily make some money if you carry out the work properly. Although this idea is not something new, but this is the first time I’m getting this idea and I think it’s a good idea because everybody gains benefits. One part which I’m not so clear is that how can we carry out the deal without getting scam by business owners. I’m still thinking of a way on how to make sure that business owners pay accordingly.

In fact I’m a bit interested to find out if I can transfer the whole process from offline to online. That brings me to the question of “Is there a way that I can perform the above idea easily online?” I suppose this can be a good money making opportunities online.



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2 Responses to “An Inspiration to Turn an Offline Money Making Opportunities Online”

  1. Andy says:

    This is a real possibility, deal with offline business owners and businesses can bring good revenue, good margins and high price of advertising fees.

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