7 Interesting Blog found while trying to regain Blogging Motivation

Once in a while my blogging motivation level tends to drop low. During this period of time my fingers usually sit on the keyboard without moving, eyes on the screen staring and the mind blanks most of the time. Most bloggers experience this situation once in a while and unable to produce any article or blog post. When this happens, bloggers need to take a break and recharge. Instead of forcing ourselves trying to write something, it is better to do something different and come back later. As for me, I like to surf online and take a look at what’s happening in the world. Most of the time I tend to surf topics which are not related to my blog, but still I tend to end up with topics related to my blog. I guess I’m just too interested in the topic of my blog.

Below are 7 blogs about motivation which I found to be interesting. I hope the blogs below help motivate you too.

  1. Zenhabits
  2. Dumb Little Man
  3. Success Begins Today
  4. Pick The Brain
  5. Productivity 501
  6. Life Hack
  7. Steve Pavlina



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