6 Work at Home Money Making Opportunities

Yahoo Finance introduces “6 Careers You Can Do From Home” article and I think it’s a good reference for us to take a look. This blog is about money making opportunities online and constantly looking for jobs and methods to work from home, start an online business, becoming an entrepreneur or a freelancer. Any related articles or information found will be posted so that we can learn something from it. This is actually a simple article as it just introduces 6 careers which are suitable to do from home. Still I think there are some useful tips that might be useful.

The 6 careers introduces are:

  • Personal Chef
  • Birthday Party Planning
  • Home Staging
  • Web Design
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Tutoring Service

I think almost everybody can start working at home instantly. The big question is that can we compete with others and make a living with it. It is very important that we gear up with the basic skills and requirements so that we can have a good start. Once things get started we still have to keep on learning and updating ourselves to keep up with changes. As long as there are demands on our service, the money making opportunities will be there.

I always recommend people to go from being an employee then move on to self-employed. It will be best to keep a day job while working on the personal money making opportunities. Once the self-employed business started to bloom and making more money than your regular day job, then only consider going full time. If you’re doing the same work as when you’re working for others, perhaps you can get some business or work from your former employer. Those days that you’re an employee certainly has some customers or business connection which you can make use of after going solo. That’s what I call make full use of the things that you’ve learn while you’re working for others. In other words, work as if you’re going to work for yourself one day.

One reason that I encourage people to work at home because sooner or later you’ll reach the age of retirement, once that happen you’ll have to find some other job or things to do. If you prepare yourself to work at home and doing freelance work, you’ll still able to do the things that you’re good at. In fact you might make more money than before. Making lots of money and retired without having anything to do is not quite the life that I like.



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2 Responses to “6 Work at Home Money Making Opportunities”

  1. Dave says:

    Honestly, it is not difficult to start making money online. There are many opportunities. It the beginning is not very easy, but as soon as you get a good customer database and have good online portfolio things are getting easy.

  2. averads says:

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