13 Self-Employed Lessons from Glen that Entrepreneur should check out

If you’re planning to go for self-employed or becoming an entrepreneur to run your own online business or work at home, you should check out “Living Self-Employed Online: The Manual They Forgot to Give You”. In this article Glen shared his experience becoming self-employed. I think most of us will have second thoughts before quitting our daily job and going for full time pursuing money making opportunities online. It will be best to be prepared and learn from those who had taken the same path. Let’s take a look at the 13 lessons from 18 months of Self-Employment.

Write a Mission Statement (But Keep it Private)
This is to make sure that you focus on your goal. There are lots of things going on online every second of time. Sometimes there are just too many opportunities around. In order to achieve our goal, we have to make a choice and focus on getting to our goal.
Focus on Your Glow
It will be better to just focus on the things that are working for you instead of trying to solve the problems that you’re trying to overcome. Solving problems and learning things are not your main intention, but making money online is.
Identify the Most Important Tasks That Will Grow Your Business
Be efficient by focus on the tasks that grow your business. It will be best to list out the general tasks that you need to do each day.
Just Get Started
When you’re not in the mood to do the work, just start out with the simplest work. Sometimes you just need to get to the starting point in order to bring out the mood to complete the work.
Give Yourself Office Hours
Basically you need to schedule and plan your time for work, rest and have fun. It’s kind of hard to balance your time as it’s depends on self discipline. A good practice will keep you away from working too long and not working at all.
Only Spend Money on Essential Items
This is actually difficult to decide because sometimes we just don’t know if the money spends will help to grow our business. I suppose it will be best to budget our expenditure.
Let Others Down, Before Yourself
We can spend as much time with our friends and family as long as we can schedule our time nicely and complete our work.
Be Open about Your Position
It’s better to market ourselves in a professional way as it draws attention and brings more opportunities.
View Anything Public, as Marketing
Everything that we do is marketing. Once we become self-employed, we have to do everything from design, produce, market and sell.
Recognize Your Own Problems
If you stumble into problems, which might just be money making opportunities if you can provide solution.
Become a Member of Your Own Market
Know your market by becoming one of them will help you understand what your customers want. You make money if you’re able to give them what they want.
Ship Your Projects
Your product doesn’t have to be perfect to launch. You can always provide an upgrade or improvement after product sold.
Do Whatever the Hell You Want
All the above is just a guide. You decide either to follow or ignore.

It’s always good to read about the experience or advice from other successful self-employed entrepreneur. It’s not just about the tips that we can benefits but also the motivation that we can gain to keep on working.



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One Response to “13 Self-Employed Lessons from Glen that Entrepreneur should check out”

  1. Dave says:

    If you want to be self employed discipline and consistency are very important. Don’t forget that there won’t be regular paycheck at the end of the month.