10 Free eBooks on Earning Money Online and Blogging

Giving out free eBooks is one of the best methods to market your blog. Most of the eBooks are just a compilation of articles from previous posts. It is considered as a summary of the blog. I’m able to group together 10 sites that giving out free eBooks. Most of the information included in the eBooks might be general stuff but I’m sure you’ll find at least 1~2 useful tips. You need to subscribe to their RSS feeds in order to download the eBooks. Take note that this is one good way to increase your RSS subscription.

  1. Big Shot Blogging from OneMansGoal
  2. How to Make Money on Ebay from Lizard Wisdom
  3. Killer Flagship Content from Chrisg
  4. Teaching Sells from CopyBlogger
  5. Build Niche Sites with WordPress from Caroline Middlebrook
  6. How to Start a Business Blog from Remarkablogger
  7. Make Money Online from John Chow
  8. Profitable Blogging from How to Spoter
  9. Blog Monetization Strategies from Blogging Fingers
  10. How to Write Search Engine Optimized Press Releases from selfmadechick

P/S: You can learn from the sites above and create your own give away free eBook.



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28 Responses to “10 Free eBooks on Earning Money Online and Blogging”

  1. Michael says:


    Michael from Germany here.

    Found you rblog via Entrecard.

    Giving a way frebies is always nice for the readers.

    May i invite you and your readers to take a look at two other valuable free ebooks too?

    They can help you build a viral list and earn more too …

    They can be founda the following urls:



    Keep the good work up …*-)


  2. Steve Yu says:

    Thank you, I need this ebooks so much! I am not making a decent money from my blog, hope this ebooks help. 🙂

  3. Hi Kumo,

    Thank you for mentioning our free e-book in this post! We hope your readers find useful information on our blog, Lizard Wisdom.

    Best Regards,
    Marshall and Joli
    Lizard Wisdom

  4. Kumo says:

    Every Ebooks have their value. Just that they need to reach the right people.

  5. nithin says:

    Well that was a real good collection and I liked it very much. I had only found few ebooks in that list. Now I need to download remaining ebooks. Thanks once again for the list.

  6. Kumo says:

    There are lots of information that you can get from all the listed ebook. Enjoy.

  7. Joe Cole says:

    Thanks for this info, just downloaded all ebook above 🙂

  8. Kumo says:

    Should takes couple of days to go through all the ebooks. Lots of great info there.

  9. Anthony Cases says:

    I was just googling and came across your site, i found it very interesting and will spread the word to my friends, cheers ant.

  10. Kumo says:

    Thanks, really appreciate it. Please drop by again. I hope you find some useful info in this blog.

  11. Robert Kennedy says:

    I just set-up a free ebook page on my blog. I only have one ebook there right now, but I wil be adding more.

  12. Kumo says:

    That’s a great idea of having a page collecting free ebooks link.

  13. free ebooks download says:

    Thanks for the great list. I also want to share with you and your readers about my free ebooks. You can download more ebooks on my blog http://free-ebooks-download-1.blogspot.com . Download this ebooks for free. No need to signup. I always update my blog to give review for each ebooks.

  14. Kumo says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Ebook Rob says:

    Those are great books because i have many of them already(One of my friends send me those but I don’t know that from where he have got those). I am fan of ebooks but there is one drawback. After reading and having a lot of books, I feel that I can’t read them anymore on my computer. I have to print them. I don’t know what the problem is but I am unable to keep ebooks and my mind in synchronization.

  16. Kumo says:

    Reading it from a piece of paper is definitely better then reading it from a monitor. It’s good for your eyes.

  17. youlki22 says:

    Great blog and your list of useful links at the side bar is really a nice idea. I have comiled a list of free blogging e-books and hope that people who love to read free stuff would like it.
    Why you shouldn’t buy e-books about blogging
    Your post link is also included.

  18. Kumo says:

    Thanks for the links.

  19. ed hardy says:

    I can only read those books which can inspire my the most. I feel always brainless to read the content on my screen so I like paper books. Despite of that, your post is intersting enough to grab my attention. Moreover topic is very exclusive and I like that very much.

  20. Kumo says:

    Thanks. I try to keep my post as simple as possible and direct to the point.

  21. Zula says:

    “Niche” is the word which I hear too often and it is really not less than a blogging dilemma. I am wondering how many of us care about it? No wonder, beginner blogger or internet marketer doesn’t care about it because it is something related to advanced level. I am more than happy to have some of good niches on my sites and blogs and they are earning me more than other common sites/blogs.

  22. Kumo says:

    As long as “Niche” can make lots of money, I’m comfortable with it.

  23. Zula says:

    Yes Kumo, that is the point. I think people started thinking about that.

  24. Steve khanelal says:

    I think this is the hot topic of today and Blogging itself is a big niche. Although it is weird to say “big niche” but it is a big one. In these days, I am working on finding new niches and it is the most difficult task to do.

  25. Kumo says:

    As long as you’ll earn money, it’s worth the effort. The next question will be how long will it last.

  26. Costello says:

    I am starting ebook section on my blog and I am collection ebooks from anywhere. Mostly, I don’t use them myself but I put links where readers can get those ebooks. I’ll be quoting your post on my blog.

  27. Kumo says:

    Thanks. You might want to go through all the ebook that you found as many might have repeated info. Plus some of them might not as good as we think.

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