10 difficult steps to become Millionaire by age 30

Who wants to be rich? Who wants to be Millionaire? This is actually a popular topic discuss by people around the world every day. And if you search for topics related to millionaire online, you’ll find lots of blogs and websites providing guides and tips towards becoming a millionaire. Instead of providing similar boring suggestions, I think I’ll just go ahead giving excuses why most people (including me) can’t become millionaire by the age of 30. Elite Daily seem to have the basic 10 steps to becoming a millionaire by 30. I’ll just use it as a reference to give my excuses.

Follow the Money
There are just too many attractive things to follow rather than just money.

Don’t show off – show up
Usually when we show up, we just can’t help ourselves to show off either.

Save to Invest, Don’t save to save.
We did invest. Unfortunately most of the investments have no return.

Avoid Debt that doesn’t pay you.
Sadly we can’t avoid most of the debts.

Treat money like a jealous lover.
We do treat money like a jealous lover. Unfortunately it is only a one side love. Money has no idea that we love him/her. In fact money doesn’t even realize our existence.

Money doesn’t sleep.
Trying to keep awake is difficult, especially when money is just walking by instead of knocking on our door.

Poor makes no sense.
So that means rich makes sense. But first we need to define rich and poor.

Get a Millionaire mentor.
Before that I need to find out who’s the millionaire in my neighborhood.

Get your money to do the heavy lifting.
First I need to earn enough money. Next is to find the heavy lifting.

Shoot for $10 million, not $1 million.
I’ll be lucky if I’m able to shoot $10k.



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