You may now purchase a dot HOW domain

Initially internet only has dot COM. Next come dot INFO, dot EDU, dot ORG, dot GOV and many more. Even countries have their own domain. As the internet is starting to bloom, we are beginning to introduce lots of different domains for different purposes and reasons. Lately we seem to have a new domain call dot HOW. This is the latest domain introduce by Google registry. It is obvious the main reasons for this domain is to enable users to share and teach everything related to the word “how” Check out the blog post title “Introducing .HOW: a new space for learning” from Google and Your Business.

You may start to purchase a dot HOW domain. But remember, at the end of the day it is the content that generates traffic. You will still able to generate lots of traffic even if you are using a non-related domain. Having the right domain is just a small part of SEO or a better way to introduce your content to readers. It does not guarantee traffic. You still have to work your way to generate traffic.

For those of you who are into buying and selling domain names, you need to work fast if you are hoping to secure some of the unique domain names which might be valuable.



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