Wire transfer payments for Google AdSense are now available in more countries

Google AdSense finally provides wire transfer payments for publishers. When I started out pursuing for money making opportunities online, Google AdSense was my first and main source of income online. And I still remember clearly the time that I waited for my Google AdSense account to break my first $100 earning. When my earning reaches $90, I started to check my Google AdSense account everyday first thing in the morning when I wake up. Although $100 is not much but I was very exciting for my first earning payment online. Few more days later my Google AdSense account has successfully gather $100 and it’s time for payment. But wait, I still have to wait 1 month for Google AdSense to issue and clear my payment. A little bit of disappointment but I have no choice but to wait. Back in those days, the only payment option is by check through snail mail. Once Google releases my payment, the check is pack in envelop and ready to send out. It took 2 to 3 weeks for the check mail to deliver. If it is unfortunate that the snail mail happens to be lost during delivery, I’ll have to wait for another 1 or 2 month. It was relieve that my first Google AdSense check arrived on time. Next was to bank in the check. It took another 2 to 4 weeks for the check to clear before I really get my hands on the money earned. If I were to depend on the payment for food, I’ll be starving to death as it took about 3 months for the payment to reach me.

I received a lot of snail mail payments from Google AdSense before switching to Western Union Money Transfer. I was very happy with the new payment option because it shortened the payment time frame from 3 months to just 1 month. Plus I don’t have to worry about check mail getting lost during delivery. Although I still have to visit a nearby bank to cash in the payments, it removes a lot of waiting pressure and worry. Now that Google AdSense implements wire transfer payments option, I don’t have to visit the bank as earnings are deposit directly into my bank account. This saves me a lot of time and energy going to bank each time Google AdSense payments received.

Check out the blog post title “Wire transfer payments now available in more countries” from Google Inside AdSense for details and find out if wire transfer payment method is available in your Country. Remember to check with your bank and learn more about how wire transfer payments are done. Although Google doesn’t charge a fee to send wire transfer payments, you need to confirm with your bank regarding any fees or commissions they might charge. In order to receive wire transfer payment, you need to at least have a bank name, bank account number, name of account holder and SWIFT code. If you are staying in Singapore, please use a Singapore bank. Do not use any other bank in different country such as Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia. The bank location needs to match the payee’s address. You might need to check the currency exchange rate charged by your bank too.



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