Win Android Phone in Google Adwords Train and Gain Challenge

Here’s a chance for you to win an Android Phone or a trip to meet with an Adwords consultant in Sydney, Australia. All you have to do is sign up and participate in Google Adwords Train & Gain challenge starting 4th Oct 2010. Before you sign up, go through the terms and conditions. There are lots of rules and procedures that you should know before getting started. Almost every Google Adwords advertisers in the world are entitle to participate in this challenge. Let me just go over some of the important points that might increase your interest and get you ready for the challenge.

Basically 15 winners will be selected from this challenge. Judges will select 5 regional winners from each of the three regions. That means you have 5 chances of getting select in your region. All 15 winners will receive an Android phone from HTC with approximately $500USD of retail value. Among the 15 winners, one grand prize winner will be selected. The winner will receive a round trip to Sydney, Australia with double occupancy hotel accommodation for five nights. The trip includes a visit to Google Sydney office to meet with a Google Adword expert, one dinner at a restaurant and two tickets to a show in Sydney. Sounds attractive enough?

So what are you required to do in this challenge to win? The Google Adwords Train & Gain challenge is a skill contest. Participants need to make a number of changes within their Google Adwords account according to the instructions given. Once all the actions required are done, participants will receive a certificate of completion and is eligible to work on a case study. The Case Study is a short description on how the changes made as a results of the instructional emails has impacted the Google Adwords advertising experience. For further details, please refer to the terms and conditions.

If you’re using Google Adwords currently for your campaign or business, I think you have nothing to lose by taking the challenge. All it requires is some of your time and some tweak and changes of your account, plus the case study. In return you might end up a trip to Sydney, Australia. Even if you did not win anything, you might learn something to improve your Google Adwords advertising. It’s a case where you win almost everything, definitely worth participating.

P/S: Judging from the number of Google Adwords users and the revenue generate by Google, they should increase the number of winners.



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2 Responses to “Win Android Phone in Google Adwords Train and Gain Challenge”

  1. George says:

    Thanks mate, I just sign up and I sign up for my wife. A trip to Sydney will come good to me, hopefully I will be the winner.

  2. Phil says:

    I’m sorry I missed this.