Updates and Changes from Google in February 2012

Any updates and changes within Google affect those who are trying to pursuing for money making opportunities online. Even if you are not making money via Google Adsense, Google’s role online still affects your online earning potential a lot. So it will be best to keep up with the updates and changes that surrounding Google. If you are lucky, you might make a lot of money online over night or gain lots of traffic. But if you are those who like to walk on the border line of Google’s rules and regulations, then you need to be alert with their changes. Check out the blog post title “Search quality highlights: 40 changes for February” from Google Inside Search. Below is the list of changes and improvements in summery.

  • -More coverage for related searches.
  • -Tweak to categorizer for expanded sitelinks.
  • -Less duplication in expanded sitelinks.
  • More consistent thumbnail sizes on results page.
  • More locally relevant predictions in YouTube.
  • -More accurate detection of official pages.
  • Refreshed per-URL country information.
  • Expand the size of our images index in Universal Search.
  • Minor tuning of autocomplete policy algorithms.
  • “Site:” query update
  • Improved detection for SafeSearch in Image Search.
  • Interval based history tracking for indexing.
  • Improvements to foreign language synonyms.
  • Disabling two old fresh query classifiers.
  • More organized search results for Google Korea.
  • Fresher images.
  • Update to the Google bar.
  • Adding three new languages to classifier related to error pages.
  • Improvements to travel-related searches.
  • -Data refresh for related searches signal.
  • -International launch of shopping rich snippets.
  • Improvements to Korean spelling.
  • -Improvements to freshness.
  • Web History in 20 new countries.
  • Improved snippets for video channels.
  • -Improvements to ranking for local search results.
  • Improvements to English spell correction.
  • Improvements to coverage of News Universal.
  • -Consolidation of signals for spiking topics.
  • Better triggering for Turkish weather search feature.
  • Visual refresh to account settings page.
  • -Panda update.
  • -Link evaluation.
  • SafeSearch update.
  • Spam update.
  • -Improved local results.

Some of the changes which I highlighted above should have significant effect towards our blog or website. I would suggest keeping track on traffic changes of our sites and comparing it to the updates and changes within Google. We have to make sure if the changes are on our favors or on our side. If it is not, then we have to take action in order to stay on the game. Keep an eye on the traffic. Don’t be surprise if traffic drops more than 50% over night. Once that happen, you got a lot of tuning and fixing to do.



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