Understanding the Behavior of Multi Screen Consumer In Order To Make Money Online Successfully

Initially we watch TV and that is the only screen that we face at home. Later computer comes along which can be categorized into desktop and laptop. This adds at least two more screen or monitor into every house whole. As technology advances, we now have mobile devices which include smartphone and tablet. Right now we are able to carry the small screen devices anywhere we go. This no doubt changes the way we shop and spend money. Check out the blog post title “Upcoming Learn With Google webinar: Understanding multi-screen consumer behavior” from Google Mobile Ads Blog. In order to make money online successfully, we have to learn and understand the behavior of multi-screen consumer. If you are interested, please register and join Google webinar on Thursday, August 30th at 10am PT or 1pm ET. You will be able to learn a few tricks or strategies to connect with your customers or audiences effectively.

It is very important that we learn the characteristics and consuming behavior of users behind each device. Especially for mobile devices users, companies are trying to find the best way to connect and interact with them. We have seen and read lots of news and articles about the increase of clicks and businesses through mobile devices, and the numbers are still continue to increase as we speak. I suppose there are still rooms to improve in order to maximize profits. And we can start by understanding multi-screen consumer behavior.



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