UK Promotions and Deals are now available at Google Affiliate Network

Check out the blog post title “Introducing UK promotions and deals from Google Affiliate Network” from Google Inside Adsense blog. UK based advertisers and affiliate programs are now joining Google Affiliate Network. This is good news especially for publishers and affiliates who locate or based in UK. Blogs and websites who targeted local UK readers are able to benefits from this improvement. Other than just signing up for the program and attached a banner at the sidebar, publishers can study the affiliate programs and write a specific review about it. A blog post or article which explains and discusses the affiliate programs in detail is very effective in promoting it. Publishers can even go further by contacting the affiliate program and request for samples, discounts or even a special offer. A blog post or article with samples, discounts or special offer can be very attractive. Publishers just have to be creative when it comes to market or promoting the affiliate program. But be careful when selecting the affiliate program because it has to be something which your readers are interested.

P/S: If you are not sure about the topic which your readers are interested, just do a simple survey. It is better than blindly predict.



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