Twitter too launching their own Money Making Opportunities Online

Now that we have Google and Facebook competing with each other trying to grab a big piece of online mobile market, what’s Twitter been up to lately? According to the article written by Michael Liedtke title “Twitter unveils self-serving advertising system”, Twitter seems like working on its own money making opportunities online. The automated advertising system is similar with Google’s but unfortunately only a small number of advertisers are able to try it out for now. The advertising system is at early stage. Only a small businesses that have access or uses American Express cards have the opportunity to participate in Twitter initial stage of advertising try out. It is understood that Twitter is taking it slow and one step at a time to make sure that the automated advertising system runs smooth.

Precaution steps are necessary. But I don’t think it will stop people from finding loopholes and make use of it. Twitter just have to be alert and react fast to counter any problems which might arises. The new automated advertising system will bring in a lot of money to Twitter. It also creates lots of money making opportunities online for advertisers and anybody who are able to make use of it. Especially when the system is at beginning stage, lots of opportunities lie within. Just check back how the situation was when Google, Yahoo and MSN initial launch of their advertising system online at the beginning. Is it easier to make money using the advertising system before comparing now? I’m sure those who experience it have a very clear picture and answer.

Once the automated advertising system opens to everybody, what do twitter users get? Currently I don’t see how users gain any benefits out from it. Hopefully Twitter can or might provide money making opportunities online for loyal and frequent users. Once Twitter has successfully launched the automated advertising system, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a way to giveback users. Remember that in order to make the advertising system a success and continue to generate revenue, huge number of users is required. Twitter has to make sure that people continues to sign up for an account and continue using their services after implementing the advertising system.



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