Turning passion into profit with Google AdSense?

I think many people around the world have tried turning passion into profit with Google AdSense. Unfortunately only a small percentage of them actually make money with Google AdSense. Check out the blog post title “Turn your passion into profit with AdSense” from Google Inside AdSense. There is nothing new about the blog post but the announcement of the new AdSense website. Regardless of how impressive the website turns out, we publishers are only concern about the earnings. We can bear with unattractive poor website display as long as we are making money from Google AdSense.

Google AdSense shows us a lot of videos with publishers around the world making money online with Google AdSense successfully. My guess is Google is trying to encourage site owners or business owners to make use of Google AdSense to make money online. The purpose of the videos is trying to create lots of publishers. But once publishers enter the door way, not every one of them is able to make money successfully with Google AdSense. I suppose only a small fracture of publishers is able to make money successfully. A lot of work is required before these newly join publishers can have a taste of money. And most of these newly join publishers have a lot to learn about Google AdSense. Most of them don’t even have a clue on where or how to begin.

Instead of creating videos showcasing publishers making money with Google AdSense successfully, it will be better to produce the process or experience of publishers solving problems. I’m sure a lot of publishers would like to know how others are able to improve from making a dollar to thousand dollars per month.



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