Time to Turn Off Blog Comment

This blog has been receiving lots of blog comments since the first blog post written. From that day onwards Akismet has filter out 120,900 spam comments. But still there are lots of spam comments which are able to make it to the surface. These spam comments have to remove manually. So the actual number of spam comments received is actually more than then number above. As the traffic of this blog starts to increase, so does the amount of spam comments received. Judging from the increase number of spam comments and the benefits of receiving blog comments, I decided to disable the blog comment feature.

Too much time is being spent for checking and managing blog comment. This blog receive an average of 30 blog comments per day and mostly are just spam comments. Although Akismet is doing a good job of filtering most of the spam comments, but still we have to do some manual checking. Spam comments nowadays are done much more intelligent compare to couple of years before. Sometimes it is difficult to decide if the comments should stay or delete. Besides, only a small number of readers are actually spending time to write a good honest comment right after reading the post. Most of the comments are mainly meant for backlink or PageRank juice. Instead of spending my time dealing with blog comments, it is better to just focus on creating good quality content. This blog really needs more high quality blog post in order to be success in pursuing money making opportunities online.



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