The TrueView Ads Money Making Opportunities from Google

If you are into money making opportunities online via YouTube, you probably need to check out TrueView Ads. TrueView Ads is actually a new video ad format which Google introduces into their network of video publishers. Compare to traditional video ads, TrueView Ads have couple of unique features. The ads provide users a choice weather to skip or watch the ads. As for publishers, TrueView Ads work as a Cost Per View or CPV basis. The concept is similar with Cost Per Click or CPC, which advertisers pay when people click on the ads. As for Cost Per View or CPV, advertisers pay when viewers choose to watch the ads. Check out the blog post title “Bring the benefits of TrueView to our video publishers” form Google Inside Adsense Blog for details.

When Google makes the video ads into a choice for users to watch, it basically changes the overall gameplay. In other words, the video ads have to be attractive enough to make viewers stay tune. It generally opens up a market which advertisers are looking for video ads designer who can produce attractive video ads. As for video publishers, attractive video ads will generally increase earnings. But publishers have to find a way to choose video ads that can make viewers watch. Judging from the basis of Cost Per View or CPV, publishers need video ads that viewers want to watch in order to make money. I don’t suppose Google will let publishers choose and decide which video ads to show. And this creates a mission for video publishers to create videos that able to draw attractive video ads.



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