The Temporally Shut Down of a Search Engine Feature by Google

According to the blog post title “Google temporarily disables Realtime search” from Yahoo Finance, Google has temporarily shut down a search engine feature to explore and incorporate its recently launched Google+ project. Below is part of the blog post article presented above.

Google Inc. has temporarily shut down a search engine feature that allows users to find real-time updates from Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed and other social networking sites.

As we know Google+ is going to be the new feature that going to compete in the social networking category. So the question is why the temporally shut down? I’m guessing Google is going to take advantage of the search engine to promote and advertise Google+ so that it can compete with Facebook. Take for example if there are two separate accounts under both Google+ and Facebook with the same name. If somebody is using Google search engine to search for that name, I’m guessing Google+ account will come out first. This is just my wild guess but if I’m Google, this is the way I’ll do it.

There are a lot of changes lately, especially with Google search engine and their new features. If you’re pursuing money making opportunities online just like me, you need to be alert with the changes. We need to monitor the performance of our blogs and websites because we are not sure how the changes will affect the traffic and the earnings. But still change is good. This is because opportunities arise when things change. We just need to be alert and smart enough to catch those opportunity. But remember that things change fast online, so try to catch up.

P/S: Facebook is going to announce something big soon. Let’s see if it’s going to be something to compete against Google.



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One Response to “The Temporally Shut Down of a Search Engine Feature by Google”

  1. Harry says:

    Google is going through many changes lately, Google Plus, PR update, Panda update and adding Google plus in analytics and webmaster tools, I guess you are right and there will be news from Facebook too.