The remove of Adsense video units feature

Just got the news about Adsence video units feature going to retire at the end of April 2009. According to Google, it seems that this feature did not hit their target. So if you’re displaying video units on your blog or site, it’s time to remove them or change it. After the retired date, the video units won’t be making money instead will only direct users to YouTube. For more details, please visit Inside Adsense Sunsetting video units feature.

The problem with Adsense video units is that we can’t tell what the ads are until we click it, load it and watch it. In other words, it’s not a straight forward ads. Users need to wait and see. Some users need to wait for a long period of time due to internet speed connection. Perhaps that might be the main reason that it doesn’t work out. Kind of think of it, I usually don’t click on video unit ads myself. People don’t actually pay much attention to ads unless the content of the ads hit bull’s eyes or things we are interested. Most of the time people just flash through the ads. It’s like when you’re driving on a highway and the ads beside the road just glance through. These ads should be simple, easy to understand and straight to the point.

The only place that I think Adsense video units feature works best is with a site or blog that embed with lots of Youtube video. Take for example maybe a site that places 10 video clips from Youtube and places an Adsense video unit in between them. I think this is the best way as users are more likely to click on it. Perhaps Adsense video units feature works best for video clips or streaming site. This feature might not be so popular now but perhaps in future. That is until the internet connection speed reaches the limit where video streaming is possible and easy throughout the world.



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5 Responses to “The remove of Adsense video units feature”

  1. lankapo says:

    mm at least it’s doesn.t effect us Malaysia Adsense Publisher

  2. web designer mom says:

    yeah. some users just dont have patience to wait for videos to load.

  3. Richard says:

    I am one of those users. I do not have the patience to wait until the movie is loaded, I immediately shut it down.

  4. Kumo says:

    Same here. I’m using broadband connection but still sometimes the speed can be very slow.

  5. I immediately shut down the videos as well.