The OK Google Feature that gives us few more money making opportunities

According to the blog post title “OK Google From Any Screen” from Google Inside Search, users can now activate the voice command easily by just saying “OK Google”. Instead of clicking on the microphone icon to activate the voice command, users just have to say “OK Google” on Android device whenever the screen is on or the device is charging. Honestly it was really fun using the voice command. I don’t have to use my fingers as I just need to say “OK Google” this and “OK Google” that. Unfortunately it can be very confusing and annoying when there is more than one person using the voice command in the same room.

Just like any other new feature launched by Google, it generates a lot of money making opportunities. One of the advantages that we can make use of the voice command is to come out with simple and easier to call out name for apps, website and blog. Once you make it easy for users to remember and call out, it might become popular within voice command. Especially if you are targeting mobile users, it is a must to consider this important point.

Even if you are setting up a traditional business that has a physical address, you too can make use of this feature. Yes, you just need to think of a simple and easy way to call out the name for your business. A good example will sound like this. An Android smartphone user who is trying to locate your business while driving. The user just has to activate the screen and say “OK Google” direction to A business. This feature is very handy especially when you are driving. Another example will be “OK Google” call dad. You just have to activate the screen and everything else is hands free. It is very convenient when you are driving. The last part is a bit off topic, but at least we explore and understand the potential of the voice command feature.

P/S: The “OK Google” feature is still new. You need to update Google Search app to version 3.5 to enable this feature. Try not to be too excited as this feature might not be available for your smartphone yet. Google is making this feature available on a phone by phone basis. So be patient.



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