The New Google AdSense for Domain

As usual I was checking my Google Adsense earning this morning and saw this new feature call Adsense for domain. From the title I assume that this feature must have something to do with the park domain. It turns out that I’m right about it. Basically you can purchase a domain name without hosting it and just put adsense on it. It’s almost the same as you park a domain at GoDaddy just that you’re not earning from GoDaddy but Google Adsense.

Google Adsense for domain opens up another money making opportunities. People will start research and study to maximize earning using this feature. I’m sure later we can see titles like “Make money with Adsense for Domain”, “How to Maximize Earning with Adsense for Domain”, “How to purchase a Domain name for Adsense for Domain”, “Domain Keywords for Adsense for Domain” and many more. That includes eBooks that feature guides and methods to earn money using Adsense for Domain. No doubt that Adsense for Domain is going to be hot and popular this year.

Before purchasing any domains just for Adsense for Domains, you should at least go through with the terms and policy. As usual Google Adsense has strict rules and their policies can be change at any time. It will be better to do the homework before purchasing the domains. After roughly went through the policy, it seems that the rules basically the same as the regular Adsense rules but with some additional rules add on. The rules is basically on the approval of domain name used and what you’re not allow to do to increase your earning with Adsense for Domain. The URL or domain name should not contain pornography, violent, profanity illicit drugs, gambling, weapons, beer, tobacco, prescription drugs, illegal activity, tragedies and any other terms that are illegal. The domain names should also respect the rights of trademark owners. As the methods to drive traffic to the park domain, publishers are not allow to use online advertising, redirects, pop ups and so on. In other words, the domain names must be carefully selected and there’s not many methods allow for more traffic. The only way is to work on the keywords selection.

In my opinion, I’m not so encouraging on using Adsese for Domain. A domain should lead to a blog or a website that contains certain information. It shouldn’t be just advertisement. How do you feel when most of the domain that you land on does not contain the information that you look for but just some advertisement? Already there are too many park domains with good names with no information, with the launch of Google Adsense for Domain, I think many domain names will be bought just to park.



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  1. Nice post, i think this could be really helpful, i could see how it could be abused, but then again, it wouldn’t be the first thing on the internet to succumb. I think it could be a good tool for people using it correctly as well.

  2. Kumo says:

    Thanks. Well at least there is something new that we can try out.

  3. juno1 says:

    I’m going to be trying out google adsense parking as soon as my subsription runs out at godaddy cash parking. I was taking a look at google’s example page and really like how they made it look just like thier search results. I don’t make much on cash parking, but i’m sure the layout of google’s parking is going to incrase my revenues.

  4. Kumo says:

    Good luck to you. Hope that you’ll earn more with Google. Looking forward to see how it works.

  5. annelies says:

    Nice info,
    I am trying it now, just add one domain into my adsense account and now waiting for approval.

  6. Enlightening post. Hopefully people won’t misuse it. People should be responsible enough and not waste a very helpful tool such as this.

  7. Domain Host says:

    I think you are much better off find a good parking host rather than use adsence for domains. Dont get me wrong I have made some good money with google bust limiting yourself to search results in this day and age with all of the good parking sites I think you would be better served by using one of them. Great Blog By the way

  8. Kumo says:

    I’m sure some parking host will try to compete with AdSense for domain by providing some benefits to users.

  9. Karen Hayes says:

    i love google Adsense, it enables me to earn money on the websites and forums that i have put up several years ago. if you got tons of websites, you can earn a lot from Adsense alone

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  11. ictfreein4o says:

    thanks for this info i need an ebook that explain this so i can increase my earnings

  12. Kansas City SEO says:

    Good point. Plus, with Google’s more personalized approach to search, many clients’ customers are being directed to two different search results for the same topic. Hopefully it’s rectified and refined down the road.

  13. Adsense is great for identifying keywords that are worth spending good money on a search engine optimization campaign on. Set a budget of a few hundred dollars and see what search terms are people actually using.