The New Entrecard Marketplace

I discuss about Entrecard marketplace in my post Making full use of Entrecard market, and I’m still consider it’s a good place to buy and sell services or products using only Entrecard credits. Lately Entrecard did some changes and one of the actions is to retire the current marketplace and replacing it with a new marketplace that works similar to craigslist. Honestly, I think that’s a good move as the current market place is very difficult to work on. One of the most annoying things about the old marketplace is that I can’t read the full description of the listing without clicking on it, which means I have to go through each and every listing in order to know what’s selling. I just hope this new market place can help bloggers to improve their blogs by just using Entrecard credits to purchase products and services.

The new marketplace launched just few days ago. Entrecard needs our help to promote it and announced it to the world. Besides if a lot of bloggers start utilizing this new marketplace, it’s going to benefits us all. We all have the chance to purchase products and services by using Entrecard credits. Plus, if you help to promote the new marketplace, you’ll get 2000 Entrecard credits for free. You just have to post an ad in the new market and make a blog post about your ad in the Market. Remember to email Entrecard after you have done. You need to act fast as this offer only valid for the first 50 people.

P/S: Unfortunately Entrecard is no longer available.



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