The New 300×600 half page Google Adsense Ads to help pursuit for money making opportunities online

Check out the blog post title “Large, brand-friendly ad sizes available in Adsense: 300×600” from Google Inside Adsense Blog. Yup, Google Adsense will be introducing half page unit ads with size of 300×600. Is that really good news for publishers? Well, let’s just say it does not directly help in making more money from Google Adsense. It is basically saying publishers have more choices when it comes to choosing the right suitable ads size to place on our site.

Publishers who place two large rectangle 336×280 ads parallel can now replace it with one single 300×600 half page ads. Instead of using two separate ads, publishers can now use only one ad. As publishers can only place up to three content ads units on a single page, this will free up one ad units. This means that publishers can now cover more area using Google Adsense ads on their page.

Given the size of 300×600 half page ads, placing two ads will make it a full size ad. That means if publishers place two 300×600 half page ads on top of the site, the initial page shown will be completely cover by ads. Viewers will have to scroll down in order to find the site content. And if users are browsing the site via mobile devices, scrolling down the page makes it easily to click on the ads accidentally. Although this sounds like a great way to make money online by targeting mobile users, publishers will be taking a risk of having account terminated by Google.

Obviously the 300×600 half page ad units are great for image, flash and video ads. Again this is obviously targeting mobile users who enjoy images and videos ads rather than plain simple text ads. Thus it creates another money making opportunities online by designing 300×600 display size of images and videos specifically for Google Adsense ads.

P/S: It seems like every action or decision made by Google can generate lots of money making opportunities online. And we just have to figure it out early in order to catch the early worm.



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