The Money Making Opportunities that Microsoft Brings in After Purchasing Skype

There are a lot of questions and speculations regarding Microsoft’s $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype. According to the blog post title “How Microsoft Will Change Skype” from Yahoo News, Microsoft will be looking at three points below:

Skype’s immense size — 170 million active users — and growth plan.

The fact that 40% of Skype’s activity is video.

Skype’s role in mobile communications.

No doubt that any plans Microsoft has in future will be related to three points above. As a successful entrepreneur, we need to be prepared for the changes which Microsoft might introduce in order to capture potential money making opportunities. I still remember the day when Microsoft decided to design their own version of game console to compete with gaming giants from Japan. I never did have high hope on X-box but I was wrong as the game console becomes a great success. This proves and shows that Microsoft has the ability to achieve their goal and make a success out of their project.

As for Skype, my first thought is the smartphone market. The usage of Skype through online smartphone with minimum charges or no fees at all definitely captures lots of users. The massive number of users combines with advertisement equals huge money making opportunities. This is just one of my guesses but I’m sure Microsoft has a lot more plans than I do. No doubt there is huge potential within Skype. The question is whether Microsoft able to make full use of Skype and making it another big project just like X-box. As for small entrepreneurs, we just have to monitor closely and see if there is any money making opportunities we can capture and benefits from it.



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One Response to “The Money Making Opportunities that Microsoft Brings in After Purchasing Skype”

  1. Robert says:

    I don’t know how this will really work for me as there are not many opportunities excepts Skype credits. I must say that Microsoft made a great deal again.