The combination of calls and internet serves great for businesses

According to the latest blog post title “Dialing up on click-to-call” from Google Mobile Ads Blog, sometimes it helps to speak to a real person before making any purchase decision. This is very true because most of the time a lot of critical and important information is not written in detail. When it comes to business, sales pages are usually written in such a way to push sales and attract customers. Anything that might discourage customers from pushing the purchase button is usually written in small fine words hidden somewhere at the corner of the page. This is why customers choose to call in and make sure all their doubts are answered before making any purchase decision. When a deal involves large amount of money, customers usually will insist to have a look at the product or hands on testing before making any purchase decision. At the end of the day it is all about making sure that we are getting the right things we want without any regrets.

As click-to-call is able to help increase business deals, Google has decided to invest more time and effort into it. Currently Google has introduced a new click-to-call button for ads leveraging call extension that users can tap to call businesses. Google also expanding the availability of Google call forwarding numbers to more advertisers. And finally Google also introduce Call Extensions for ads showing in apps on Google Display Network.

The click-to-call feature is still considered new for many advertisers, business owners and customers. Although it is a great feature that able to connect customers to business owners in order to complete the deals, a lot of improvement and explanation are required to encourage the usage of this feature. Thus lots of money making opportunities online can be found within this area. You just have to see what others may not in order to make money online.

P/S: Helping local companies or business owners to setup the click-to-call feature is one of the money making opportunities. Although this is an offline business that you need to approach local companies and business owners one by one, it is still a great way to make money.



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