The Big Money Making Opportunities of Google Display Network

Lately Google introduces a new umbrella name call Google Display Network that groups all sites where advertisers can buy ads through Google. That includes Google AdSense, DoubleClick Ad Exchange partners, YouTube, Google Finance, Gmail , Google Maps and Blogger. Nothing has been change as it’s just a title name introduces just to group everything into one. As a Google AdSense publisher you’re already a family member of the Google Display Network.

Google has continued to expand and introducing lots of new features and gives more control to publisher over the ads displayed. As these features and controls increases and getting complicated over time, it’s time to review and summarize everything and make it simple. Good thing that Google start out by grouping things into one and name it Google Display Network. I suppose next is to clean up the features and controls and make it simple so that publisher can use it efficiently. Again I’m still stressing that clear, simple easy functions and controls are most Google publisher looking forward to have so that publishers can focus more on creating good quality contents.

At first it was only text, than images were introduced and now we are going into videos. I think for the next few years we will see lots of videos appearing online. As information technology keeps on improving, sending and uploading videos have becoming easy and simple. I suppose that’s the next big market where Google advertisement takes place. I think you might also hear some news regarding the future of TV network. There are more people going online then watching TV today. When decided on which to purchase between a computer notebook and a flat screen TV, I think most of us will choose a computer notebook. Now that TV screen can act as a monitor by connecting to computers, most probably TV network will combine with computer in future. We might just end up with one platform for video, radio, work, information, reading, communication and entertainment. That’s just too far to imagine right now. Let’s just go back to the increase of video market online. But mind that the one who can predict and saw what’s coming will eventually grab the money making opportunities within.

P/S: Just do some checking on YouTube application and the advertisement around it. You’ll find that the market is increasing rapidly. I’m sure some of you already saw the potential of money making opportunities within YouTube and already making some money making video clips.



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